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Exciting blonde teen making a fountain of yellow piss

This summer is a very hot one here in the little city that the star of this photo scene dwells in. Seeing the poor trees and herbs grow yellow long before the coming of the autumn makes the girlie wanna cry. Can she help? Well, yeah, why not? Here in this gallery you will see her squatting down among the trees and peeing right onto the soft sand below her! Not much help to the burning vegetation – but such a great show for the fans of pissing porn, right? Damn, this beauty is such a sex pot that her pee must be boiling hot. Go ahead and scrutinize her powerful fountain of urine on these pics!

Shaven girl pees onto a bench
This blondie moving from her boyfriend’s BMW into the nearby underbrush doesn’t seem to be too eager to hide from the guy – she knows that he’s into pissing fetish stuff, so instead of squatting down behind some tree or something, she gets up on top of the bench with her ass and pussy bare and gets down to her wet business! Some piddling, a decent amount of time spent on wiping her wet hole – only after that she will get dressed back and return to the car. The guy must be so horny there already…

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